Boarding Pricing & Information

51484472_752565985110179_3459353422556299264_n-Boarding Pricing-

All prices are before tax.

$37/Night per dog. $30/Night Each Additional dog from the same family!

A free bath before pick up is always added on after the 6th night of boarding!

-Additional Boarding Information-

Deposit is refundable if cancellation is within 48 hours. Deposit for holiday boarding is only refundable if cancellation is within 1 week of check in date.

You may drop off between 6 AM to 5 PM on your drop off date if it is during the week (check for hour changes during holidays). Drop off on Saturday and Sunday is either between 8-10 AM or 3-5 PM. During the week, you can bring your pup as early as possible the day you check in, to get a full day of daycare in before they stay the night! It’s included in your price!

Please make sure to bring your pup enough food to last throughout their stay! We don’t want to change their food and possibly upset their tummy! You will be charged $3/meal if you do not provide food, and as a result we are required to feed the house food! You are also welcome to bring any comfort items to make them feel more comfortable. This can include a favorite toy, blanket, soft bed, etc. Please try to refrain from bringing bowls from home to minimize the chance of these getting mixed up with ours! We have plenty of stainless steel bowls to provide for your pup(s)! We can also offer slow feed bowls as well per request!

Pick up during the week is by 11 AM unless you add a half day of daycare to check out by 6 PM.  If your pup is scheduled for a bath, we will need a minimum of one hour notice on your pick up time, so that we can have them ready in time! Pick up on Saturday and Sunday is 8-10 AM or 3-5 PM.

Peak/Holiday Boarding Rates:

(50% deposit and a minimum 2 night stay required.)
Normal boarding rate plus $5/day. 50% deposit and a minimum 2 night stay is required during holidays. Deposit is refundable if cancellation is within 1 week of check in date. When booking a holiday, please make sure to book as far ahead of time as possible, so that we can get you a spot reserved!

Holiday Boarding Rates Apply To These Dates in 2021 & 2022:

New Years Eve & New Years Day, Spring Break (3/18-3/27), Easter (04/15-04/17), Memorial Day (05/27-05/30), July 4th (07/01-07/10), Labor Day (09/02-09/06), Thanksgiving (11/18-11/27), Christmas (12/23-12/30)

There is NO pickup or drop off on Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

Do I need to schedule my dog for an evaluation in order to board?

Great question! If your dog will be attending for any amount of time, we do require an evaluation prior to service. This is extremely important for dogs that will be boarding for an extended period of time. If your dog is not suited for one of our open play daycare groups, they will still be able to board! This evaluation gives us an idea of if they will do well in daycare or not and gives us a chance to see how comfortable they are with staff and in our boarding area. If they are not suited for the open group play, they will simply get their outdoor time and play time alone, rather than in the group daycare setting. We want all of our boarding pups to be able to attend daycare and get their energy out through the day, so this evaluation day helps us see what group they will do best in! Just call us about setting up an evaluation day, and we will get them scheduled in! Evaluation dogs will need to be dropped of between 6 AM and 10 AM. You will be asked to leave them for a 4 hour minimum that day depending on group sizes, etc. We will also need you for about 10 minutes or so on the morning of the evaluation to fill out a little more paperwork on your pup’s personality as well as emergency contact information, etc. We’ll gladly email you this paperwork, or you’re more than welcome to pick it up ahead of time to fill out at home, and then just drop it off with them on their scheduled evaluation day! Also, please note the required vaccinations below, and have this paperwork ready for your evaluation day as well. We cannot take your dog without up to date vaccination records! You may also have your vet email these to us at if it is easier for you! Don’t forget, evaluation days are free of charge!

Add On Services available for boarding are listed under our “Additional Services” tab! You may add on a 30 minute walk or 1 on 1 extra exercise during their stay!


Important information for daycare AND boarding.

All Dogs: 

-Are required to be up to date on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella with a copy of the vet record given to us prior to being enrolled. We also recommend that your pups receive the Flu vaccine as well, but this is not required. You can email records to (this is preferred to ensure all shots are up to date before you come to the facility). Dogs are not allowed past our lobby area without shot records on file!
-Must be flea and tick free.
-Altered and unaltered pets are welcome. Females in heat are NOT allowed in daycare. If we see a female showing signs or getting too much attention, she will be put in a secluded boarding room until able to be picked up by an owner, and is not allowed back until she is out of heat. We ask that your pup stay out of daycare a minimum of 2 weeks after starting her cycle.
-Subject to a temperament evaluation day prior to enrollment to determine if they will be a good fit for our facility.
-Dogs will be grouped by size, personality and play style.
-Our facility is under 24 hour surveillance.
-We do not tolerate aggressive dogs in daycare. We go by the 3 strikes, you’re out rule, and we will inform the owner of each incident when it occurs. If there is an incident severe enough, we will expel the dog automatically.
-We do feed lunch mid day if you provide a lunch for your pup. When boarding, we ask that you bring their normal food from home to keep them from getting an upset stomach due to a food change if we must feed. You will also be charged a fee of $3/meal if we are required to feed the house food.

-When boarding, you may bring items from home such as a blanket, bed, or favorite toy. 

-10 AM is the cut off time for dropping off your pet for daycare. This also includes for half day of play as well. This is simply because the all day dogs are already winding down by this time, and bringing in an energized dog will disrupt the group.

Daycare cut off for pick up is 6 PM. After 6 PM, you will be charged $15 late pick up fee. You will be charged for overnight boarding on top of the daycare fee at 7 pm, and you will not be able to pick up your pup until the following morning.

⚠️*Boarding pick up/drop off!*⚠️
– Monday-Friday: 6 AM-6 PM * We prefer boarding dogs be dropped off by 4 PM on their check in date if at all possible.
– Saturday & Sunday : 8-10 AM or 3-5 PM. You will need an appointment if your pup is scheduled for a bath or if you’re picking up between 8-10 AM.
Please try to give a minimum of an hour notice before you’re wanting to pick up!
*There is NO pick up or drop off available outside of these hours! You are welcome to have someone pick up for you, if you are unable to make it in time, just let us know who it will be!*

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