Doggy Daycare Requirements

Vet Administered Vaccinations

Proof of Rabies, DHLPP (Distemper/Parvo), and Bordetella administered by a vet is required prior to enrollment! We recommend getting the canine influenza vaccine, but it is not required.

Friendly/Appropriate Play

We do not tolerate aggressive dogs in open group play for daycare. We go by a 3 strike, you’re out policy. Parents are notified of each incident. If an incident severe enough occurs, we reserve the right to expel immediately. Behavior is continuously observed and evaluated over the course of your pups enrollment.


All puppies must be 10 weeks old or have had their second round of puppy shots. Rabies is required when age appropriate. (Normally at 16 weeks.)

Spay/Neuter Policy

We do not require dogs that attend to be spayed or neutered, but we do not allow females in heat to attend for any services. All dogs are evaluated on behavior, and behavior is continuously evaluated over the course of enrollment.

Flea/Tick Free

All dogs must be flea and tick free during their enrollment. Flea collars are acceptable, but we are not responsible for replacing these if they are lost, broken, chewed, etc.

Required Evaluation Day

Booking Your Evaluation

Must be scheduled and approved with staff before being accepted as we only take 3 evaluations per day on average!

Paperwork Required

You will have an enrollment packet to fill out the morning of the evaluation, so please allow enough time for this! You may pick this up ahead of time or request that we email it to you!

Shot records will need to be brought in the morning of your evaluation or emailed to us at :

Drop Off/Pick Up

On your scheduled evaluation day, you will be asked to drop off between 6-10 AM and pick up later in the day. We ask to have your pup a minimum of 4 hours to work them into the group at a comfortable pace.


We will send you a mid-day update on how your pup is doing along with a picture the day of their evaluation! You will get a full report of how their day went at pick up, as well as a welcome packet if they pass, with plenty of useful information!

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