Evaluation Day!

It’s finally time for your pup’s evaluation day! This may be a whole new experience for both of you, so let’s break it down for you a little bit! Please arrive with your pup between 6-10 AM on your scheduled appointment day! You will drop off and pick up later in the day between 1-6 PM (we want to have them a minimum of 4 hours to introduce them at a comfortable pace!).

First, don’t forget to bring your shot records with you or have your vet email them to us AHEAD of your arrival! We cannot take the dog past the lobby without having these records! This is for the safety of your dog and the others in our care! We do not have a fax! Our email is:


Second, be sure to allow about 10 minutes or so to fill out our enrollment packet! This gives us plenty of information about you, your dog and their personality! This helps us care for your pup better while they’re with us! We can email this packet to you ahead of time if you prefer!

Once all the paperwork is taken care of, we will take your pup back with us! We ask that you leave the lobby promptly to ensure as little anxiety as possible from your pup. If they are refusing to come back with us, we may ask you to leave the lobby so that we do not have to force them to the back. We want this to be a pleasant experience for them! 99% of dogs walk back with us just fine once their parent is out of sight! Try not to make a big fuss over leaving them, as this may raise their anxiety level as well! We want a calm and relaxing transition for them!

After they come to the back, we spend a few minutes with them and go over your paperwork to see what group we feel they might do best in. Then we clear that group from their room. We will have multiple staff members present for this introduction period. One staff member will have your pup leashed, and another will bring a pup in from the group on a leash. We let them sniff each other, watch their interaction closely, and once they’re comfortable with each other and no problems are present, we unleash the dog from the group. Your pup will remain on leash until they have been introduced to all dogs in the group this way until everyone is able to be together unleashed and having a great time! If any problems arise, we separate immediately and asses the situation, determining if there is a common factor (male not liking other males), etc. and if the dog will be able to pass the evaluation to attend open group play or not.

Mid-day we will send you an update and picture on how your pup is doing! At the end of the day, you will get a full report and a welcome packet with information on several different things! Please read over this, as it has some very important information in it, and may answer several questions you may have!

If we decide that your pup is not fit for the open group play set up that we have, please try not to be upset! This doesn’t mean your pup isn’t a good pup, we believe they all are! Some pups, like some people, just aren’t social, and may not care to be around others! The good news is that we may still be able to help you! Check out our “Additional Services” tab for services that we offer for dogs who are not suited for the daycare environment! Also note that we may still be able to board your pup even if they don’t do well in the daycare environment! If this is the case, they will just get separate outside play time with a staff member instead of being out in the group for play time.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have!

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