Additional Services



Life is busy! Sometimes it’s hard to schedule things around work, events, etc. We can help you plan for your pup’s appointments and daycare or boarding! We offer transportation to the facility from your home or work. We can pick them up from the groomer, your house, the vet, etc. and bring them to the facility for you! We can drop them off at your home or work, etc. after daycare or boarding! As long as it’s within city limits, and they’re either coming to or from daycare, ask us about transporting them, and we’ll see how we can help you out! If we are transporting to or from appointments, the appointment must be paid for ahead of time!

$5 per trip per dog!


Dog Walking & Drop In Services

We now offer dog walking/extra exercise sessions and hope drop in services!

There are two types of dog walking services that we offer! One is called a “Neighborhood Dog Walk” for $10. We will take your pup for a 30 minute walk around your neighborhood! You may also add this onto your daycare or boarding stay, and we will walk them for 30 minutes around the neighborhood by our daycare facility! The second option is a “Transport and Walk” for $15. This service is a transport to and from a local park or open area for a 30 minute walk ,or a 30 minute off leash exercise time in a fenced in open field that we use at the community center! This can also be added to daycare or boarding reservations, or booked by itself!

Of course we provide fresh water on these walks, as well as clean up after your pup!

We also offer drop in services for several animals! This service isn’t just for dogs! This includes cats, hamsters, etc. Let us know what you need, and we’ll see what we can do! This includes a potty break, feeding/watering, some play time, medication administration, etc. and is at the rate of 30 minutes for $15! If you do not feel comfortable boarding your pets, or maybe they don’t do well in the environment, this may be a great option for you! This can also be a great option if you plan on spending the day out of town and your pet may just need a quick potty break mid day!

Drop ins may extend to Brookland.

These services can be purchased alone, or added onto your pup’s daycare or boarding reservation! If your pup(s) may not be a good fit for daycare, this can be another way that we are able to help you out! These are normally available 7 days/week! Just check in with us and see how we can serve you! 

Holiday fees may apply during holiday seasons, so please check with us on that!



Add On Baths

We can always add a bath on when your pup is with us for boarding or daycare! This includes a bath, blow dry, and nails!

Pricing is as follows: Up to 30 lbs $10 plus tax  – Over 30 lbs $20 plus tax


Don’t forget that we also have retail items in our lobby and try to place orders from our Facebook page regularly!


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