Doggy Daycare

So you’re thinking about bringing your pup in for daycare? What an excellent decision! Pups can benefit from daycare in many different ways! With that being said, it isn’t always the best environment for all pups, and because of this, we offer our evaluation day free of charge! This is to be sure that your pup feels comfortable in the daycare environment and will enjoy their time with us! If they’re not suited for the daycare environment, we do offer other options to help you under our “Additional Services” tab that you’re welcome to check out!

We accept pups at 10 weeks of age or after their second round of puppy shots! Records from your vet are required, regardless of age! Socialization is beneficial for puppies and dogs of all ages! 

What does a daycare day look like for my pup?

We recently restructured our daycare days, and it has been a breath of fresh air for our pack leaders and the pups alike! We now operate on a play/rest rotation schedule for daycare! We noticed several pups getting overly tired and often easily agitated when we were operating on an “all day play” schedule, so we decided to try something new recently, and it has been successful! Pups still go home tired, but we feel their time with us is much more enjoyable, and they’ve all learned how to settle well for their “rest” periods during the day! We’ve had several parents say that this has also helped them with settling at home!

All pups are out playing in the yard or in their playroom until atleast 9 AM. At 9 AM we start our rest/play rotation. One group rests while the other group is in the yard, and then they switch, etc. All groups nap from 11-1 and this is when we administer lunches, or Kongs that have been added onto daycare, etc. This nap time is also when we are able to get a little extra cleaning done as well! The rest of the day after their lunch nap is structured for around 1 hour rest, followed by 1 hour play until around 5 PM when all pups are up for a rest period until they are picked up!

We stay outside as much as possible during the morning play sessions! (Weather permitting!) We offer stuffed Kongs that you can add onto your pup’s day if you would like them to have one during lunch time! These are $5 per Kong! After their nap time, pups go back into their groups! During this time, we work with them on group sits, sit-stays, name recall, etc. as well as allowing open play until they’re picked up to go home! Please note that we are not a “training” facility, these exercises are just to give them brain stimulation, and to help them learn commands that help our staff handle the groups during daycare!

During summer/warmer months, we always have plastic kiddie pools and sprinklers out during daycare hours, typically until 2 PM. Please let us know if you prefer that your pup doesn’t get wet!


Okay, so how do I get my pup enrolled in daycare?

Great question! Please click on a selection below to find out more!

Daycare Hours : Monday – Friday 6 AM – 6 PM

Occasionally : Saturday 8 AM – 5 PM

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